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2014 OPHA Annual Conference Presentations


Keynote Addresses: 

People with Disabilities - An Unrecognized Disparity Population
Gloria Krahn, PhD, MPH


Essential Skills for Collaborative Leadership Workshop
The Power of Partnership: Collaboration Techniques that Really Work
APHA President, Joyce Gaufin, BS


Concurrent Sessions - Presentations & Panels:
*Listed alphabetically by title

Antibiotic Resistance Education: Health Education Evaluation at Work
Tessa Jaqua

Building Healthy Communities in Oregon
Curtis Cude, Julie Early-Alberts, Emily York

Coordinated Care Organizations: How Do They Do?
Michael C. Huntington

Current Status of Physical Education in Oregon
Jennifer Young

Diesel Emissions: Small Particles, Big Problems, Easy Solutions
Matthew Davis

Driving a Diesel to the Tragedy of the Commons
Kevin Downing

Driving Under the Influence of Cannabis and Traffic Fatalities
Candice Beathard, Jangho Yoon

Effective Contraceptive Use in Oregon, 2010-2013
Rachel Linz

Family-Centered Care and Unmet Healthcare Needs among U.S. Children: Structural Equation Modeling using the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey
Olivia Lindly

Fluoridation Update: 2014 (still safe, effective, and inexpensive)
Kurt L. Ferré 

Health and Transportation: Working Together to Improve the Lives of Oregonians
Heather Gramp

Health Disparities among Veterans in Oregon
Craig Mosbaek

Healthy Foundations: A Tailored Program for Healthier Living
Joel Michels

High Income Working Women Are More Likely to Be Offered Fully Paid Maternity Leave
Jena Fellenzer, Kenneth D. Rosenberg

How Historical Trauma Informs a Community-Based Collaborative: Stories and Lessons from the Future Generations Collaborative
Kelly Gonzales, Jillene Joseph, Suzie Kuerschner, Barbie Shields, Jennifer Pirtle, Heather Heater

Implementing Health Literacy Interventions at a Community Health Center
Rachael Postman

Increasing Successful Mammography Screening for Women with Disabilities
Angela Weaver

Key Informants & Action
Rae Trotta

Neighbors for Clean Air: Creating a Healthier Oregon Through the Reduction of Air Toxics
Mary Peveto

ONE KEY QUESTION: Program Evaluation for Washington County Clinics
Beth Doyle

Oregon Project LAUNCH – Deschutes County
Beth Gebstadt, Maggi Machala, Stephanie Sundborg, Shannon Lipscomb, Susan Keys

Oregon’s Healthy Future: A Statewide Health Improvement Plan for Empowering Communities
Renee Hackenmiller-Paradis

Oregon’s PHDs Promoting Respectful Interactions and Communication with Oregonians with Disabilities
Angela Weaver, Laurie Smith, Jo Fleming

Overdose Prevention and Naloxone Distribution in the Portland Metro Area
Lindsay Jenkins

Parent Concerns, Provider Response to Concerns, and Diagnostic Delay for Children with Autism and other Developmental Disorders
Katharine Zuckerman, Olivia Lindly, Brianna Sinche

Public Health and Genomic Medicine: How do we get from here to there?
Download additional handout here.
Gregory Fowler, David Koeller, Katherine Bradley, Summer Cox

Reducing health disparities in underserved neighborhoods through the Interprofessional Care Access Network (I-CAN)
Peggy Wros, Katherine Bradley

Reducing High Risk Drinking in Neighborhoods with High Alcohol Outlet Density
Sondra Storm, Mireille LaFont, Helen Ying

Regional Collaboration for a Healthier Tomorrow
Tatiana Dierwechter, Sara Hartstein, Danette Killinger, Megan Mackey

School IAQ Improvement: Lessons from Multnomah County
Jeff Strang

Supporting Healthy Living for Oregonians with Chronic Disease: the Patient Self-Management Collaborative
Laura Chisholm, Irma Murauskas

Supporting Students in Recovery from Alcohol and Other Drugs: Oregon State University's Collegiate Recovery Community’s Inaugural Year
Sara Caldwell-Kan, Naomi Figley

Supporting the 2017 PE Mandate in Lane County
Jennifer Webster

The Affordable Care Act: What It Means to Public Health
Laurie Wylie

The Benefits Public Health Accreditation: Insights from Local Health Departments
Kathleen Johnson, Muriel DeLaVergne-Brown, Laura Spaulding, Lyndsie Schwarz, Philip Mason

The Changing Paradigm of Maternal and Child Health: from Infant Mortality Reduction to Life Course Theory 
Kenneth D. Rosenberg

Tools for Implementing the Health Brain Initiative
Sarah Holland

What's New in Fluoridation Politics
Charles C. Haynie


CLHO Poster Session
Quality Improvement & Performance Management

Clinic No-Show Rates - Yamhill County Public Health
Haleigh Leslie

Improving WIC Show Rates - Crook County Health Department
Carly Rachocki, Muriel DeLaVergne-Brown

Lincoln County HHS Performance Management System
Rachel Peterson, Rebecca Austen

Performance Management Framework - Marion County
Rachel Posnick, Lyndsie Schwarz

Reducing Clinic No-Show Rate - North Central Public Health District (Wasco, Sherman and Gilliam Counties, OR)
Faith Purvis


Closing Plenary Panel
Oregon's Public Health Transformation: Findings from the Future of Public Health Task Force

  • Tammy Baney - Deschutes County Commissioner
  • Charlie Fautin RN, MPH - Benton County Deputy Director/Public Health Administrator
  • Lillian Shirley, BSN, MPH, MPA - Oregon Public Health Division Director