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OPHA 2017: Call for Abstract Submissions

***Abstracts will be accepted May 1st through June 12th***


Abstract Submission Guidelines:

The Oregon Public Health Association invites proposals for our 73rd Annual Conference & Meeting in Corvallis, Oregon on October 9 & 10, 2017. Abstract submissions are now being accepted through June 12, 2017. Abstracts addressing all public health topics are welcome and presenters should seek to make connections between research, policy and practice.

Download the OPHA 2017 Call for Abstracts flyer

***You do not need to be a member of OPHA to present at the conference. However, all presenters for individual oral presentations, panel discussions and posters must register for the conference. No exceptions will be made.


Program sessions are 75 minutes in length allowing time for questions, answers, and audience discussion. Submission options for the OPHA Annual Conference & Meeting are:

Individual Oral Presentation: Oral presentations are 10-15 minutes in length. Three presentations, grouped by themes, will be presented in each session. Additional time will be allotted by a session moderator for Q&A and discussion.

Poster: Posters are visual presentations that present current research, case studies, and community-based projects displayed on 8’ x 4’ bulletin boards. During the Poster Session, presenters stand next to their displays to explain content and answer questions. The poster session is scheduled for Monday, October 9th from 4-6 pm

Student posters will be entered in the Student Poster Contest* and the winner will be announced on Tuesday, October 10th during lunch.
*The Student Poster Contest is open to current students and students who submitted prior to graduation, but are now new professionals (recent graduates w/in 6 months of conference). Student registration rates will apply to those invited to present in this format.

Panel Discussion: A panel includes a moderator and/or discussant and up to three panelists. Panel discussions are 75 minutes in length and include time for Q&A and discussion. Due to time constraints only a limited number of panel discussions will be accepted. Please note, you must submit an additional abstract for each presentation in a panel discussion in order for the proposal to be reviewed. No exceptions will be made.


Abstracts will be peer reviewed and accepted on the basis of the following criteria:


    • Presentation is compelling and has current relevance.
    • Abstract presents new information, a new application, or a fresh perspective on existing knowledge.

Textual Features of the Abstract:

    • The abstract is well organized, concise, and clearly written.
    • The abstract has clear, worthy and measurable objectives.
    • The presentation incorporates methods of engagement and discussion.


    • The presentation illustrates the potential to improve knowledge and provides innovative, state-of-the-art, and/or state-of-the-science information.
    • The author(s) indicate(s) the potential value/contributions of the presentation to public health professionals.



  • Application: All sections of the Abstract Submission Form must be fully completed for consideration. Please be prepared to provide the following information:
    1. Preferred Presentation Format (see options above)
    2. Topic/Target Audience: The purpose of the abstract proposal should meet the needs of a target audience. OPHA's annual meeting as a whole targets public health professionals. If there is a specific audience of public health professionals that would be especially interested by the content to be presented, indicate who that population is. Consider the target audience as a "highlighted" segment of the general public health professional population, not a limitation on it.
    3. Title
    4. Author(s)
    5. Brief Abstract* (<200 words): This is a description of your presentation proposal and should include the following: 1) A statement of the problem and/or context; 2) Your approach to solving the problem; 3) A summary of your conclusions. Structured abstracts containing background/purpose, methods, results/outcomes, and conclusions/implications are preferred where relevant. *Panel Discussions: You must also submit an abstract specific to each presentation/presenter in order for the proposal to be reviewed.
    6. Learning Objective(s): Provide at least one measurable and concrete objective and start each sentence with one of these objective verbs (Define, List, Describe, Discuss, Explain, Identify, Demonstrate, Differentiate, Compare, Design, Formulate, Evaluate, Assess, Name, Analyze). Do not use the terms learn or understand; they are not measurable. Learning objectives must be written from the learner's perspective. What will the learner be able to do after hearing your presentation? Define what? Describe what? List what?
    7. Contact Information for ALL Presenters/Panelists & Panel Moderator: Please designate a Primary Contact for your abstract submission. This person will be responsible for all communications regarding your presentation. 
  • Abstract Deadline: Complete abstract submissions are due June 12, 2017. No abstracts will be accepted after this date. Presenters will be notified in August.
  • Program Schedule: All presenters must be available to present at any time during the two days of the conference.
  • Paid Registration Required: All presenters for individual oral presentations, panel discussions and posters must register for the conference. No exceptions will be made.  If you are speaking on only one of the two conference days, you may elect to pay the one-day conference registration fee. Early bird registration opens August 1st. Additional discounts will be available to OPHA Members - Click here to learn more about OPHA membership and join today!
  • AV Needs: Presenters will be responsible for their own presentation slides and handouts. The standard audiovisual equipment provided in all sessions includes: a projector, computer and screen. Microphones will be made available in all large session rooms. The AV guidelines for the LaSells Steward Center can be found HERE.
  • Questions? For more information, contact OPHA Program Committee Chair, Marie Harvey.