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OPHA is the premier source of learning, knowledge and future-oriented research for Oregon's public health profession, and provides resources, education, ideas and advocacy to enhance the power and performance of the association and public health community. OPHA represents more than 400 public health professionals, advocates, and stakeholders. Our members are individuals and organizations across the state working together for a healthy Oregon. OPHA educates the public and advocates for laws, policies, and programs that protect the health and safety of our families and communities. By joining OPHA, you are strengthening the voice for preventing disease and injury and expanding access to health care.

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Help Advocate for Public Health in Oregon!

The Oregon Public Health Association advocates for just and equitable health policies to protect and promote the health of all our state's residents. We work together with partner organizations to advance a shared legislative agenda. We determine our priorities each year through a collaborative process that begins with the Policy Committee and moves on to the full Board of Directors for discussion and decision. We prioritize legislation that advances the public's health in Oregon; specifically policies that support prevention, equity, and the public health infrastructure. Join us as we engage with legislators and other policy makers to inform them about the importance of public health.

How to get involved:

  • View our Legislative Update page and stay informed about OPHA endorsements, state legislative activity, and national advocacy efforts.
  • Subscribe to the OPHA Email List to learn about important public health legislation and to participate in OPHA action alerts. The OPHA listserv provides updates on current Oregon public policy issues. Action alerts provide an easy way for you to directly voice your thoughts on proposed legislation to state representatives.
  • Join OPHA and our Health Policy & Advocacy Committee. The committee examines current Oregon public policy issues and makes recommendation to the OPHA Board of Directors about how OPHA should get involved. The committee facilitates OPHA members' advocacy efforts and works with public health partners in Oregon to advance public health policy. 
  • Track Bills to find out the latest information and status of bills before the Oregon State Legislature. 
  • Contact Oregon Legislature to urge their support of public health in Oregon. You can reach out to your Representatives at any time; they want to hear from their constituents and value a face-to-face meeting, phone call, or personal email. Click here to find out who represents you in the House and Senate. 
  • Find your US Representative and participate in a local Town Hall.
  • Take Action NOW on a national platform with the American Public Health Association. In coordination with its members and state and regional Affiliates, APHA works with key decision-makers to shape public policy to address today's ongoing public health concerns. Learn about current APHA Advocacy Priorities HERE.

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Attention OPHA Members:
Find out what's going on in your section and get involved in public health activities around Oregon today!

*Please contact section leadership to learn how you can become more involved.

Addiction Prevention - Nick Stevenson

Chiropractic - Stan Ewald  

Disability -  Alicia Dixon-Ibarra

Epidemiology / Biostatistics - Steve Fiala

Health Education & Promotion - Nadege Dubuisson

Healthy Environment - Matt Davis

Medical Providers - R. Scott Brown

Oral Health - Kurt Ferré

Public Health Nursing - Carol Easter

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