2019 OPHA Annual Conference & Meeting

Poster Session
Monday, October 14, 2019 
4:00 - 5:30 pm

*Indicates presenter

Adapting Oral-SIT for Adolescent Youth in Tanzania: Comprehension of Graphic Instruction Material
Zainab Alidina*, M. Margaret Dolcini, Cassidy Hunn, Angelmary Joel Urban, Nick Fleury, Ryan Singh, Donaldson F. Conserve, James Lace, Joyce Samweli Msigwa, Clinton Ndyetabula, Joseph A. Catania

Applying the Spectrum of Prevention to the Sexual Health Needs of Western Oregon University Students
Emily Holdner* & Tracy Sanchez*. Mentored by Doria K. Thiele, PhD, CNM, IBCLC

Awareness of Expedited Partner Therapy (EPT) and Barriers to EPT utilization in Outpatient Pharmacies in Oregon
Esther Wright*, Laura Selby*, Sugat Patel

Back to the drawing board: Lessons in continuous improvement and reorganization from the first years of operation of a student-run free clinic
Isla McKerrow, Rachel Lockard, Francesca Andronic, Sarah Hanna*, Priscilla Park

Building capacity for community-engaged research in five rural Oregon regions
Laura P Campbell*, MBA, MPH, Kim Brown, MBA, Steven Blakesley*, MA, Chelsea Ruder*, BS, Jackilen Shannon, PhD

Changes in opioid prescribing habits after a multi-disciplinary journal club and consensus building techniques
Connor Fitzpatrick, BS; Jenna Godfrey*, MD, MSPH; John Paul Bigouette, MPH, MS, ATC  and Erin C. Owen, PhD, MPH

Cleaner Air Oregon Community Engagement: A Cross-Agency Collaboration
Courtney Fultineer*, Astrid Ollerenshaw

Designing a responsive Tobacco Retail License training in Multnomah County
Edward Gutierrez*, Erik Vidstrand*

Domestic Violence and Reproductive Health of Ever-married Women in India
Vaishali Patil*, Dr. J.Luck, Dr. J. Yoon, Dr. S. Khanna

Elementary school teachers inform Linn-Benton SNAP-Ed on physical activity classroom intervention
Kristina Fosse* and Tina Dodge Vera

Engaging Communities for Local Healthy Retail Policies
Baca, A.*; Jackson, C.; Nasrallah, J.; Petersen, R.; Myers, A.E.

Engaging Community Stakeholders to Develop a Comprehensive Sexual and Reproductive Health Education Program for Youth in Botswana
Sunil Khanna PhD., Mikka Nyarko*, Divya Reddy*, Carlee Conner, Madison Cowles*, Tyler Gray, and Destry Jensen*

Harm Reduction Strategies related to Opioid Use
Kelsey Johnson* & Cara Watson*

Harvest Box Program Improves Fruit and Vegetable Consumption in Low-Income, High-Obesity Risk Hispanic Families
Russo, Candace, Oregon State University, Linus Pauling Institute, Corvallis, (OR) Aliesje King, Oregon State University, Linus Pauling Institute, Corvallis, (OR) Bobe, Gerd*, Oregon State University, Linus Pauling Institute, Corvallis, (OR)

Implementing a Pharmacy Home Visit day in a Student-Run Free Clinic

Priscilla Park*, Austin Ngo*, Shannon Khal*, Anavice Jimenez, Shannon Khal, Austin Chanthakhoun, Timothy Shan, YiLing Cheung, Harleen Singh, Pharm.D

Increasing Employable Skills During Undergraduate Public Health Internships
Karen Elliott* and Hannah Tacke

Interactions of College Students with individuals with disability
Joseline Raja-Vora*, Winston Kennedy, Nidhi S. Pai, Rachel A. Cohen, Samantha H. Ligman, Marie Wilkey, Kathleen R. Bogart, Samuel W. Logan

Let's Catch that Physical Activity--A Meta-Analysis on the Overall Effect of Pokémon Go on Physical Activity Level
Willie Chun Wai Leung*, Ming-Chih Sung*, Chun-Wei Chang, & Gabriel R Zott*

Lifestyle and behavioral influences on obesity in working females
Kori Pitt, MPH (candidate)*; Brittany U. Carter, DHSc, MPH*

Local School Wellness Policies and Academic Outcomes in Oregon High Schools
Isaac Leve*, M.Ed, Heather F. Terral*, BS, & Elizabeth L. Budd, PhD, MPH

Measuring the Exposure Trend of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAHs) in the U.S. Population with Urinary Biomarkers, 2001-2014
Barbara Hudson-Hanley*, MPH; Ellen Smit, PhD; Adam Branscum, PhD; Perry Hystad, PhD; Molly L. Kile, ScD

Medical Student Preceptorship: Expectations, Concerns, and Experiences
Sarah Hanna*, AB; Rose Chuong, BS; Reem Hasan, MD, PhD

Missing data in CMS Hospital Star Ratings: Less is more?
Olivia Pipitone*, MPH, Paulina Kaiser, PhD MPH

Monitoring air quality in Sub-Saharan Africa: A case study in Libreville and Franceville in Gabon
Sigride Jenniska Asseko*

Organizational Communication: Public Health Program Adoption, Implementation, and Fidelity
Oyinda Osibanjo*, MPH; Joseph A. Catania, PhD; Ibitola Asaolu, DrPH; M.M. Dolcini, PhD 

Outreach strategies to underserved communities: Using a Modernization Framework
Yuritzy González Peña*, MPH, Rebecca Chávez*, BS, Maricarmen Gomez*, BS, Wendy Zieker, RN, MS, Kristty Polanco*, MPH

Parents Perspectives of Opportunities for Youth with Intellectual Disabilities to Engage in Structured Physical Activity
Taylor Vaandering, Jessica Hamm*

Postpartum Depression Screening in the First Year: A Cross-Sectional Provider Analysis in Oregon
Angie Docherty*, Rana Najjar, Sheryl Combs, Rachel Woolley, Sydnee Stoyles

Prevalence of Elevated Blood Levels in Children in Oregon
Katie Moreland*, NS4, Primary Presenter & Rana Halabi Najjar*, PhD, RN, CPNP

PROMoting Healthy Decision Making on Prom Night: A Youth-Driven Approach to Addressing Underage Alcohol Consumption
Anna Bledsoe, Brenna Wilson-Fey, Umu Tullah*, Kalu Obasi*

Reasons for the Disconnect between Dietary Recommendations and Legume Consumption Patterns in U.S. Adults
Perera, Thushanthi, Oregon State University, Linus Pauling Institute, Corvallis, (OR) Russo, Candace, Oregon State University, Linus Pauling Institute, Corvallis, (OR) Bobe, Gerd*, Oregon State University, Linus Pauling Institute, Corvallis, (OR)
Ritika Bhawal* MBBS, MPH, PhD & Marie Boman-Davis*, Ph.D., MPH, MCHES

Screening as a tool to detect cancer at an early stage
Afsana Hussain* and Cody States*

Seeing the Big Picture: Using Aggregated Claims Data for Quality Improvement and Cost Containment
Lisa Miller*, MPH, CPH, CPHQ; Mike Salvey, Northwest Primary Care

Shifting CME from building clinical expertise to developing a systemic view
Jessica L. Walter*, M.A., Division of Management, School of Medicine, OHSU; Christine Flores*, M.P.H., Continuing Professional Development, School of Medicine, OHSU

Taking Charge Of My Health Care Toolkit
Kory Aschoff, Erin J. Taylor*, Angela Weaver*, Lindsay Sauve, OSAC members

The Benefits of Extension Service Internships for University Students
Tonya Johnson*, Karina Goicochea*, Lillian Anderson*, Karen Elliott, Veronica Irvin, Tina Dodge Vera, Katie Ahern

Jacobs, Julie, Oregon State University, Linus Pauling Institute, Corvallis, (OR) Russo, Candace, Oregon State University, Linus Pauling Institute, Corvallis, (OR) Bobe, Gerd*, Oregon State University, Linus Pauling Institute, Corvallis, (OR)

Transition Readiness Assessment in Pediatric Kidney Transplant Recipients
Kim Grzesek*, BS, Sarah Craven*, BS, Garrett Laird, BS, Iulia Vasile, MS, Kira Clark*, MPH, CHES, Kelsey Richardson, MD

Washington County Suicide Fatality Review Board
Debra Darmata*, M.S. Erin Jolly*, MPH Phyusin Myint*, Ph.D