2011 Oregon Legislative Summary

The 2011 Legislative session was a historic session before it even began. This session was the first annual session of the Oregon Legislature, following voter approval last November. It was also the first time in Oregon's history that the House had been evenly divided with 30 Democrats and 30 Republicans, resulting in quite a balancing act for most bills being considered. Governor Kitzhaber began a historic third term as Oregon's Governor, and Senator Peter Courtney became the longest serving Senate President in Oregon history. The session also was plagued with the fiscal realities of the ongoing recession, and an estimated budget shortfall of $3.5 billion over the next biennium.

This session will be remembered not only for its historic firsts, but for beginning the transition to a healthcare system that incentivizes primary and preventive care, seeks to improve population health, and to limit overall costs. The largest reforms to our healthcare system this session were the creation of a Health Insurance Exchange and the establishment of Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs). We still have a significant number of challenges ahead, but progress is being made. The Oregon Public Health Association will continue working hard to advocate for public policies that improve the health of every Oregonian.  

2011 Legislative Highlights:

Obesity – Healthy Food & Physical Activity


Oregon Indoor Clean Air Act

Creating Healthy Homes, Schools & Jobs


Health Care

Mental Health

Other important bills to watch:

OPHA Policy History:

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