Register for the 80th Annual Conference and Meeting

Join more than 500 public health professionals for the OPHA Annual Conference and Meeting, Oregon’s premier public health learning and networking event!

Highly rated, year after year.

  • “A well-organized and valuable event!”
  • “I learned a lot about areas I don't work in which broadens my understanding and I can bring this information back to my work.”
  • “I got a sense of hope seeing strong people fighting for public health.”
  • “I loved seeing all the amazing public health work happening around the state!”

Experience the Benefits

The OPHA Annual Conference is a valuable investment which can directly benefit public health programs and operations across the state:

  • More than 75 presentations on the latest research and findings in public health provide insights that help us work smarter and more effectively, which can increase outcomes and savings for public health programs.
  • The chance to network with other public health professionals from across Oregon can lead to future collaborations and idea sharing.
  • The questions asked by other public health professionals in the breakout sessions can help us think differently about the work we do and generate new ideas.


“What we gain from attending this conference far outweighs the cost of the ticket. It's about seeing the bigger picture - making a smart investment today that can benefit us greatly in the future.”

– Christian Moller-Andersen, OPHA Board Member






Refund Policy

The number of attendees informs the overall cost of our program. The value and quality of our conference is impacted by cancellations. We can accommodate refunds based on the following timeline:

  • More than 90 days before conference (up to July 9): 50% refund
  • 31-89 days before conference (July 10 through September 6): 25% refund
  • 30 days before conference (September 7 or later): 0% refund

For any cancellation requests, email Dana Merrill at [email protected]

No refunds after September 7 with no exceptions, including testing positive for Covid and other communicable diseases. Please contact [email protected] with any questions about this policy.