OPHA Committees

OPHA Committees advance board goals, support staff in daily operations, and support the mission of the Association.

Awards: The Awards Committee establishes criteria for, accepts nominations, and selects recipients for any award offered through or on behalf of the Association.  The Committee accepts nominations annually for the Lifetime Achievement, Policy Champion, Emerging Leader, and Health Equity Champion Awards.  Criteria and funding for Lifetime Achievement, Policy Champion, Emerging Leader, and Health Equity Champion Awards are approved annually by the Board.  The Committee announces the recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award and Policy Champion, Emerging Leader, and Health Equity Champion Awards at the Annual Meeting. 

Bylaws: The Bylaws Committee shall review the bylaws of the Association at least annually to ensure adherence to current bylaws, prepare proposed bylaw changes when necessary or requested, submit proposed changes to the Board for review, and present to the membership for consideration.  The Immediate Past President shall serve as a member of this committee.

Conference Planning Committee: This committee plans the program and arrangements for the Association's annual conference and meeting based upon the board approved budget.

Development: The Development Committee membership shall consist of board members.  The Development Committee organizes and supports the board and staff in fundraising efforts primarily, but not limited to, the annual conference. 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee: The DEI Committee shall promote diversity in the membership of the Board of Directors and general membership of the Association.  The DEI Committee shall develop and coordinate Association functions that support and encourage social justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion to achieve optimal health for all people in Oregon.

Elections: The Elections Committee shall be appointed by the President and consist of at least one Board member and two members who are not Board members. Members of the Elections Committee shall not be members of the Nominations Committee or candidates for the Board. 

Executive Committee: The Executive Committee shall consist of the officers of the Association with the President as chair. Has authority and duties specifically delegated and assigned by the Board.

Health Policy & Advocacy: The Policy Committee shall develop and coordinate those Association functions that provide an effective voice in health policy at state and local levels. The Policy Committee considers proposed legislation and makes recommendations to the board regarding endorsement of the legislation.  All Association members in good standing are eligible to attend Policy Committee meetings.  

Nominations: The Nominations Committee is responsible for preparing a slate of nominees for open board positions and the member-elected positions of the Nominations Committee elected annually by the membership.  

*If you would like to become more involved in an OPHA committee, please contact the chair of the committee you wish to join, or contact Elisabeth Hartner, for more information.