OPHA Committees

Much of the work of OPHA is done through our 10 committees; OPHA committee membership is open to any current OPHA member. 

Program: Plans the program and arrangements for the Association's annual meeting and conference.

Membership: Responsible for encouraging new membership and maintaining the current membership information and services.

Health Policy & Advocacy: Develops and coordinates Association functions which provide an effective voice in health policy at state and local levels.

Development: Identifies and pursues philanthropic opportunities that build OPHA's capacity to achieve its mission and goals. 

Bylaws: Reviews current Bylaws and identifies ones that need to be changed, deleted or added.

Communications: Responsible for developing appropriate internal and external Association communications as directed by the Board.

Awards: Accepts nominations and selects recipients for any award offered through or on behalf of the Association. 

Nominations: The entire OPHA membership elects three members at large and the Board will appoint two Board members to the Nominations Committee. The person receiving the most votes in the membership election will be the chair of the Nominations Committee.

Elections: Ballots are counted by the Elections Committee.  A spokesperson for the Election Committee is called upon at the annual business meeting to announce the results of the election.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee: The DEI committee promotes diversity in the membership of the Board of Directors and general membership of OPHA. The DEI Committee develops and coordinates Association functions that support and encourage social justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion to achieve optimal health for all people in Oregon.

*If you would like to become more involved in an OPHA committee, please contact the chair of the committee you wish to join, or contact Jessica Nischik-Long for more information.