2013 Oregon Legislative Summary

This legislative session, which ended after a full weekend of hearings on Monday July 8, 2013, saw a number of bills passed relating to public health in Oregon. There were continued efforts to expand access to affordable healthcare, especially in rural Oregon. Lawmakers approved a measure to create a scholarship program at Oregon Health and Science University for primary care providers who agree to practice in rural or underserved communities (SB 2). Additionally lawmakers expanded a separate student loan repayment program for health care providers who practice in rural Oregon (SB 440). Lawmakers also took the next steps toward implementing the federal Affordable Care Act in 2014 and made significant new investments in statewide mental health treatment. Download the 2013 OPHA Legislative Wrap-Up HERE.

2013 Legislative Highlights:

HB2216: Renews health care provider taxes on hospitals and long term care facilities, leveraging federal funds to provide health care for an additional 220,000 Oregonians.

HB 2649: Provides $500,000 in grants monies to support Farm to School programs in Oregon schools.

HB 2902: Enhances Oregon's health care workforce by giving nurse practitioners and physician assistants pay equity with physicians for services.

HB 2992: Allows low-income mothers and seniors to use SNAP and WIC benefits to purchase fresh food at local farmer's markets and stands.

HB 3000: Keeps Oregon students' vision health strong by requiring public school students at age seven to have vision screening or eye examinations.

SB 2: Establishes the Scholars for a Healthy Oregon Initiative to provide free tuition for OHSU medical students who commit to practice medicine in rural areas after graduation.

SB 132: Promotes healthier schools by requiring parents to affirm that they have received information about the benefits of immunization before declining to vaccinate their children in advance of enrollment at school.

SB 440: Renews loan repayment program to bolster Oregon's health care workforce, expanding access to primary care services in rural and underserved areas.

OPHA  Endorsed Bills that passed:

SB 172 Newborn Screening for Congenital Heart Disease: Directs Oregon Health Authority to adopt rules requiring all infants born at birthing facilities in the state to be screened for congenital heart defects.

HB 3260 Relating to Health Care, Declaring an Emergency: Requires Oregon Health Authority to conduct study or contract with third party to study and recommend best option for financing health care in the state.

SB 5543 Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement (TMSA)

OPHA Endorsed Bills that Did Not Pass:

  • HB 2275: Cigarette Tax
  • HB 2992: Affordable Health Care for All Oregon Act
  • HB 3162: Toxics Disclosure for Healthy Kids
  • HB 3194: Relating to Crime; appropriating money; declaring an emergency; providing for criminal sentence reduction
  • HB 3200: Assault Weapons Ban
  • SB 346: Limit the Capacity of Ammunition Magazines
  • SB 347: School Guns Bill
  • SB 699: A Guns-Free Capitol
  • SB 700: Universal Background Checks
  • SB 796: Requires Concealed Handgun License applicants to complete 'live fire' training as part of the gun safety program