2014 Oregon Legislative Summary

Overall the 2014, 77th legislative session had quite a few successes for public health. For a short session, many important bills were passed, and others were worked on for the next full session. Download the 2014 OPHA Legislative Wrap-Up HERE.

OPHA Endorsed Bills:

SB 1551: Relating to firearms - Would have required every person to request criminal background check before transferring firearm to any other person. Likely to be redrafted for 2015 session. DID NOT PASS: Died in Senate Committee

SB 1569: Relating to high priority chemicals of concern for children's health - Would require Oregon Health Authority to establish and maintain list of designated high priority chemicals of concern for children's health used in children's products. Likely to be redrafted for 2015 session. 2014 is the third year a bill relating to toxic disclosure lists has been introduced. There was an effort to weaken the bill by following Washington’s toxic disclosure law, however this was unsuccessful. DID NOT PASS: Died in Senate Committee

SB 1577: Relating to assistance; declaring an emergency (Sections 1-3 endorsed) Requires Department of State Police and all sheriffs and municipal police departments to adopt written policies relating to missing vulnerable adults on or before January 1, 2015. Requires OHA to request proposals to establish and operate systems designed to detect and prevent improper payments in state medical assistance program. PASSED

Other Relevant Legislative Updates:

HB 4085: Modifies requirements for insurance coverage of colorectal cancer screening examinations and lab tests.Would include polyp removal in colonoscopy screening tests for colorectal cancer. This removal cost would not be eligible for cost-sharing. PASSED

HB 4090: Allows Department of Education to award grants to encourage participation in summer meals programs. Increases funding and number of lunch program sites in the summer for school areas with at last 50 percent of children qualify for free or reduced lunch. PASSED

SB 1531: Allows a county to impose restrictions on marijuana facilities that impose reasonable limitations on the hours that a medical marijuana facility may operate, reasonable limitations on the hours of operation, reasonable zoning restrictions, and reasonable conditions on the dispensing of medical marijuana. Allows the governing body of a city or county to adopt ordinances that prohibit the establishment of medical marijuana facilities or regulate these facilities. PASSED

HB 4049: Gives immunity to minors who seek medical or law enforcement assistance for themselves or another due to alcohol consumption and the only evidence of the violation is gathered from the act of seeking help. Actively removes barriers for minors seeking help from alcohol poisoning, or other alcohol use issues. Specific to possession of alcohol (not exempt from other violations), and emergency medical services or law enforcement. Minor must be actively seeking help. PASSED

HB 4124: Establishes Youth Suicide Intervention and Prevention Coordinator within Oregon Health Authority. increases OHA FTE for intervention specialists to address issue of youth suicide. Youth definition expanded from 19 to 24. PASSED: Awaiting Governor Signature

SB 5703: Changes fund into which proceeds of certain lottery bonds are deposited for State Department of Energy. Includes increased funding for OHSU. PASSED: Awaiting Governor Signature

$200 million appropriated to OHSU, Knight Cancer Institute with agreements for 1) new community-based cancer program with at least $1 million budget. 2) will have policies to support Oregon-based vendors and businesses 3) Maximize use of minority, women and small business subcontractors

HB 4115: Aimed to defined "vapor product" and "vape." Amends laws related to consumption of tobacco products by minors to include references to consumption of vapor products by minors, including crime of endangering welfare of minor and other criminal offenses and civil penalties related to use or acquisition of tobacco by minor. Died in Committee - Likely to be redrafted in 2015 session.  DID NOT PASS: Died in Senate Committee

HB 4129: Would increase rate of taxation on cigarettes and tobacco products. DID NOT PASS: Died in Senate Committee

SB 1556: Would have declared that person 21 years of age or older legally should be able to possess, transfer or produce marijuana. DID NOT PASS: Died in Senate Committee