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2015 OPHA Annual Conference & Meeting

October 12th & 13th, 2015
Oregon State University - Corvallis, OR

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Monday, October 12, 2015

8:00 - 9:00        Registration and Continental Breakfast

9:00 - 9:30        Welcome and Opening Remarks

Lila Wickham, RN, MS 
President – Oregon Public Health Association

Tammy Bray, PhD
Executive Dean of the Division of Health Sciences
Dean, College of Public Health and Human Sciences
Oregon State University

9:30 - 10:30       Keynote Address:

Public Health in the Era of the Internet: Lessons Learned From Immunizations
Oregon State Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward

Introduction: Jeff Heatherington
President and CEO 
FamilyCare Health

10:30 - 10:45     BREAK

10:45 - 12:00     Concurrent Sessions #1 

(A) PANEL: The Evolution of Regulating Electronic Cigarettes In Oregon: From Science to Policy
Moderator/Discussant: Shaun Parkman
Kim La Croix, Steven Fiala, Holly Heiberg

(B) PANEL: Using Health Impact Assessment to Inform Local Land Use and Transportation Decisions
Moderator/Discussant: Nadège Dubuisson
Brendon Haggerty, Ashley Baggett, Sara Caldwell-Kan, Jenny Rudolph, Eric Main

Moderator/Discussant: Marit Bovbjerg

1. The ‘C’ of Acronyms: CCOs, CACs, CHAs, CHIPs and CHWs
Dustin Zimmerman, Belle Shepherd, Bill Bouska

2. Becoming Community Competent
Sherry Archer, Dina DiNucci

3. Community Health Workers: Addressing the Triple Aim Through a Culturally-Informed Approach
Teresa Lavagnino, Oregon Community Health Workers Association and Partners

Moderator/Discussant: Jessica Hamm

1. Behavioral Health Home Learning Collaborative
Elizabeth Needham Waddell, Beth Sommers, Mark Remiker, Sonya Howk, Rita Moore

2. Impact of State Substance Abuse Parity Laws on Alcohol-Attributable Suicide
Linh Bui, Jangho Yoon

3. A Memory Loss Intervention: Unidos Podemos
Sarah E. Holland

Moderator/Discussant: Lesa Dixon-Gray

1. Public Health in Action: The Intersection of Communication and Epidemiology During the 2015 University of Oregon Meningococcal Disease Outbreak
Pat Luedkte, Emily Fisher

2. Epidemiology of Reported Foodborne Escherichia Coli 0157:h7 Outbreaks in the United States, 2010-2015
John Paul Bigouette, Jeffrey Bethel

3. Evaluation of a Communicable Disease Program Communication of Health Alerts, Health Advisories and Health Updates in Oregon
Coral Cotto-Negrón, Christopher McFarland, Veronica L. Irvin

Moderator/Discussant: Patrick Abi Nader

1. Data Detectives: Promising Strategies to Identify Suspect Client Records in Oregon’s Immunization Information System (ALERT IIS)
Andrew Osborn, Deborah Richards

2. Using Syndromic Surveillance Data to Model Strategies to Increase Influenza Vaccine Coverage for the 2015-2016 Influenza Season, Portland Area Indian Health Service
Thomas M. Weiser

3. Explore Your Neighborhood: Introducing Online Birth and Death-Related Data Maps
Krista Markwardt

12:00 - 1:00       Luncheon and Networking 

(A) Chiropractic Section Meeting 
(B) Disabilities Section Meeting 
(C) Epidemiology and Biostatistics Section Meeting
(D) Health Education and Promotion Section Meeting 
(E) Healthy Environment Section Meeting
(F) Medical Providers for the Underserved Section Meeting
(G) Nursing Section Meeting 

1:00 - 1:15        BREAK

1:15 - 2:30        Concurrent Sessions #2

(A) PANEL: Delivery System Transformation: Evaluating the Oregon CCO Experience
Moderator/Discussant: S. Marie Harvey
Jeff Luck, Jangho Yoon, Lisa Oakley, Annie Larson

Moderator/Discussant: Jocelyn Warren

1. A Model For a 3-County Regional Health Assessment
Peter Banwarth, Jessica Deas, Miyuki Blatt, Ann Brown, Gerald Dyer, Charlie Fautin, Brian Johnson, Lauren Zimbelman

2. A Two-County Collaborative Community Health Assessment Using the MAPP Framework: Planning, Implementation, and Lessons Learned
Katrina Rothenberger, Pamela Hutchinson, Rachel Posnick, Sharon Heuer

3. So Health-e: The Journey of a Regional Health Equity Coalition in Southern Oregon
Joanne Noone, Jennifer Ware, Corety Falls, Charles Bauer

Moderator/Discussant: Curtis Cude

1. Thinking Locally, Acting Federally: Strategies to Improve Oregon Air Quality through Collaboration with the Environmental Protection Agency
Matthew Davis, Moriah McSharry McGrath, Mary Schlick Peveto, Renee Hackenmiller-Paradis

2. The Nexus of Citizen Science: Aligning Community and Research Needs
Diana Rohlman, Kim Anderson, Kevin Hobbie, Josh Willmarth, Mike Barton, Laurel Kincl

3. Is Oregon Well: A Deeper Look at Groundwater Quality from Oregon’s Domestic Wells
Kelly Cogswell

Moderator/Discussant: Jana Peterson-Besse

1. Weight Discrimination and Selected Health Behaviors
Sandi Phibbs, Jenny Faith, Tassnym Sinky, Sheryl Thorburn

2. Assessing the Burden of Breast Cancer among Women in Oregon: Identifying Priority Populations for Action
Keshia D. Bigler, Erica Sandoval, Kristin Kane, Margaret Klein

3. YIMBY! (Yes In My Back Yard) – How Oregon 4-H Is Including Diverse Youth
Meghann Fenn, Mario Magana, Marilyn Lesmeister, Jennifer Taylor, Jessica Hamm, Gloria Krahn, Lyla Houglum

Moderator/Discussant: Jenny Jackson

1. Formative Assessment of Availability of Healthy Snacks and Beverages in Stores near Schools in a Rural Oregon County
Nancy E. Findholt, Betty T. Izumi, Hayley A. Pickus

2. From the Ground Up: Community Organizing and Participation in Local Food Systems
Julia Reynolds

3. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Partnerships for Health
Bryan Allan, Elizabeth Takashi Barth, Betty Izumi, Julio Maldonado, Sylvia Ness

Moderator/Discussant: John Molitor

1. Service Learning and RN to BSN Students: Understanding Vulnerable Populations
Melissa Jones, Henny Breen

2. Assessing the Impact of Community-Based Interprofessional Student Teams on Health Outcomes and Healthcare Costs
Katherine J. Bradley, Peggy Wros, Nic Bookman

3. Exploring the Impact of a Community-Academic Partnership Project
Kala Mayer, Barbara Braband, Taylor Killen, Jay Braband

2:30 - 2:45        BREAK

2:45 - 4:00        Concurrent Sessions #3 

***OPHA Board Meeting 

(A) PANEL: Neurodevelopmental Effects of Prenatal Exposure To Environmental Toxins: Scope of the Issue and Survey of Recent Literature
Moderator/Discussant: Patricia Murphy
Marjorie Kircher, Patrick O'Herron, Theodora Tsongas

(B) PANEL: Clackamas County Health @ Home Initiatives 
Moderator/Discussant: Philip Mason
Cathy Perry, Concetta Branson, Mary Horman

Moderator/Discussant: Nadège Dubuisson

1. Science Denial Is Harming Oregon
Charles C. Haynie

2. Reporting Dietary Exposures and Metabolism of PAHs from Traditionally Smoked Salmon
Greta Frey

3. A Comparison of Outcomes of Traditional and Online Classroom Instruction in Motorcycle Safety Training in Oregon
Patrick Hahn

Moderator/Discussant: Lisa Oakley

1. Trauma-Informed Care and Public Health Practice at the Intersection of Health and Intimate Partner Violence
Courtney Gallant

2. Evaluation of the Native Stand Sexual Health Curriculum in AI/AN Communities
Tosha Zaback, Stephanie Craig Rushing, Michelle Singer, Thomas Becker, William Lambert

3. Organizational Change for Gender Justice
Kara Carmosino, Marilou Carrera

Moderator/Discussant: Veronica Irvin

1. Multnomah County Tobacco Retail Assessment Findings
Olivia Quiroz, Nafisa Fai

2. Rapid Health Impact Assessment on the Effects of Tobacco Retail Licensing on Youth Tobacco Usage in a Rural Community
Kristen Wils

3. Addressing Tobacco through Organizational Change at Primary Care and Dental Clinics in Douglas and Coos Counties
Stephanie Young-Peterson

Moderator/Discussant: Sue Carozza

1. Associations of Foxo3a and Longevity in the Long Life Family Study, New England Centenarian Study, and Ashkenazi Jewish Centenarian Study
Harold T. Bae, Nir Barzilai, Gil Atzmon, Thomas Perls, Paola Sebastiani

2. Incentives that Engage: Designing a Tailored Care Program for a High Utilizer Population
Joel A. Michels

3. Public Health Practice Based Research Networks and Public Health System Service Research in Oregon
Kathleen Johnson, Justin Marlowe, Sharee Squires

4:00 - 6:00        BREAK/NETWORKING Hors d’oeuvres

4:00 - 6:00        OPHA POSTER SESSION

4:00 - 6:00        DOCUMENTARY SCREENING: The Raising Of America 
                       Moderator/Discussant: Anna Stiefvater, Wendy Morgan


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

8:00 - 8:30         Registration & Continental Breakfast

8:30 - 9:00         Welcome and Introductory Comments

Robina Ingram-Rich, BSN, MPH, MS 
President-Elect – Oregon Public Health Association

9:00 - 9:30         Brief Reports from OPHA Committees & Sections

Introductions: Robina Ingram-Rich

9:30 - 10:30       Keynote Address: 

Creating Strong Public Health Policies for our Reformed Health Care System
U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley

Introduction: Anna Stievfater, BSN, MPH
Chairperson, Cabinet on Health Policy
Oregon Nurses Association

10:30 - 10:45      BREAK

10:45 - 12:00      Concurrent Sessions #4 

(A) FEATURED PRESENTATION: Latinos in Oregon: A Policy Framework for Health
Alberto Moreno, Executive Director, Oregon Latino Health Coalition

(B) PANEL: Climate-Related Health Hazards in Oregon
Moderator/Discussant: Emily York
Brendon Haggerty, Rebecca Hillwig, Kathleen Vidoloff

Moderator/Discussant: Laurel Kincl

1. Occupational Injury Patterns in Oregon Workers 24 Years and Younger, 2003-2012
Dan Cain, Laurel Kincl, David Dreher

2. Utilizing Coast Guard Reports and Fishermen to Understand Non-fatal Injuries in the Dungeness Crab Fleet
Laurel Kincl, Viktor Bovbjerg, Samantha Case, Kaety Jacobson, Devin Lucas, Laura Syron

3. Utilizing Oregon Workers’ Compensation Claims to Understand Injuries among Seafood Processing and Production Workers
Laura Syron, Laurel Kincl, Daniel Cain, David Dreher, Ellen Smit

Moderator/Discussant: Annie Larson

1. Gresham Cares
Sherry Archer, Jay Cross

2. Providing Primary Care to an Uninsured Population in Clark County, Washington, Is Associated with Reduced Utilization Of Emergency Department and Inpatient Services
C. Degnin, R. Fu, E. Yuen, W. Lambert

3. Eastern Oregon Coordinated Care Organization Health Care Transformation
Jordan Rawlins, Susanna Lai

Moderator/Discussant: Laura Spaulding

1. Oregon Whole Grain Heroes Video Campaign: A Partnership Between and the OSU Moore Family Center
Sandra Carlson, Mandy Hatfield, Rose Jepson-Sullivan, Jenny Rudolph, Lauren Tobey

2. Healthy Sprouts—A Novel Program that Supports Parents in Creating a Healthy Food Environment at Home for their Preschool-Aged Children
Thushanthi Perera, Simone Frei, Casey Bennet, Anais Alexander, Balz Frei, Gerd Bobe

3. Impact of Cooking at Home on Diet Quality
Arpita Tiwari, Adam Drewnowski

Moderator/Discussant: Kenneth D. Rosenberg

1. Prenatal Depression Screening by Certified Nurse Widwives, Oregon, 2014
Kenneth D. Rosenberg, Kathryn S. Rompala, Nicole Cirino, Rochelle Fu, William F. Lambert

2. Survey of Patients Smoking While Pregnant in a Rural Community: Practical Applications
Kristen Wils, Rose Keppinger, Becca Ferrer

3. Promoting Preconception Health – Case Study of a Community-Wide Campaign in Southern Oregon
Maggie Sullivan, Aubra Johnson, Martha Rivera

12:00 - 1:30       OPHA Business Meeting and Awards Luncheon

1:30 - 1:45         BREAK

1:45 - 3:00         Concurrent Sessions #5 

(A) PANEL: CCOs and the ACA In Oregon: An Update
Moderator/Discussant: Kenneth Rosenberg
Michael C. Huntington, Samuel Metz, Peter N. Mahr

Moderator/Discussant: Viktor Bovbjerg

1. Engaging Extension to Build Community Capacity to Improve Healthy Eating and Active Living Resources and Readiness to Address the Rural Obesogenic Context and Weight Health Disparities
Deborah H. John, Tammy Winfield, Lena Etuk, Gail Langellotto, Perry Hystad, Kathy Gunter

2. Equitable Development: Promoting Health through Brownfield Capitalization
Matt Hoffman, Jade Dodge, Brendon Haggerty, Caislin Firth

3. Thinking Outside the Box: Collective Impact to Reduce Health Disparities
Belle Shepherd, Caryn Wheeler, Hannah Ancel

Moderator/Discussant: Lisa Oakley

1. Enhancing Community Health by Breaking the Cycle of Generational Incarceration
Jean E. Schumer, J. Mark Eddy

2. Bridging the Cultural Gap: Collaboration between the Health Care System and the Ex-convict Population
Karen K. Meuer, Donald F. Henschel

3. Connections Care Management: Nurses and Community Health Workers Supporting Transition for the Incarcerated Population
Barbara Pizacani, Sarah Rawson, Karen Slimp, Sara Kersey, Sam Junge

Moderator/Discussant: Katherine Bradley

1. Defining Childhood Maltreatment Typologies and their Impact on BMI Trajectories in Adolescence and Young Adulthood
Rebecca M. Sacks, Nathan Dieckmann, Katherine W. Bauer, Janne Bonne-Heinonen

2. The BEPA-Toolkit and Elementary-Aged Children’s School-Time Physical Activity
Patrick Abi Nader, Evan Hilberg, Katherine Gunter

Moderator/Discussant: Mac Gillespie

1. Evolutions of Health in all Policies (HIAP) as a Policy Tool in Oregon (Part 1)
Moriah McSharry McGrath, Lindsey Adkisson, Sara Hartstein

2. Evolutions of Health in all Policies (HIAP) as a Policy Tool in Oregon (Part 2)
Moriah McSharry McGrath, Lindsey Adkisson, Sara Hartstein

3. The Oregon Public Health Policy Institute 2015
Jeff Luck, Jangho Yoo, Stephanie Bernell

Moderator/Discussant: Sandi Phibbs

1. Screening for Mental Health Issues Among Refugees in Multnomah County, Oregon
Sasha Verbillis-Kolp, Katie Thornton, Charlene McGee

2. Assessing Emotional Health Screening Status in Refugees Using Pattern Matching Techniques with Electronic Health Records, Multnomah County, OR, 2012-2014
Jaime K. Walters, Amy D. Sullivan

3. Approaching Grief with Cultural Humility
Capella Crowfoot Lapsam, Hannah Goff

3:00 - 3:15         BREAK

3:15 - 4:30           Closing Plenary: 

What's Up and What's Next for Recreational/Retail Marijuana


Robina Ingram-Rich, BSN, MPH, MS 
2015-2016 OPHA President


Jake Boone

Nathan Rix, MS, MPP
Senior Policy Analyst
Recreational Marijuana Program
Oregon Liquor Control Commission

Katrina Hedberg, MD, MPH
State Health Officer
Public Health Division
Oregon Health Authority

Karen Wheeler, MA
Business and Operational Policy Administrator
Health Systems Division
Oregon Health Authority

Elizabeth Clapp, MPH
Senior Research Analyst
Community Epidemiology Services
Multnomah County Health Department


----Conference Conclusion----


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