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Abstract Submission Guidelines

The Oregon Public Health Association invites proposals for the 78th OPHA Annual Conference & Meeting. Abstract submissions will be accepted May 2 through June 17, 2022 Abstracts addressing all public health topics are welcome and presenters should seek to make connections between research, policy and practice. The breakout sessions and poster presentations in the conference will represent the themes and content areas from the abstract submissions.

Types of Abstract Submission Formats: 

Program sessions are 75 minutes in length allowing time for questions, answers, and audience discussion. 

  • Individual Oral Presentation: Oral presentations are 10-12 minutes in length. Three presentations, grouped by themes, will be presented in each session. Additional time will be allotted by a session moderator for Q&A and discussion.

  • Poster: Posters are visual presentations displayed on 8’ x 4’ bulletin boards. The poster session is scheduled for Monday, October 17. Student posters will be entered in the Student Poster Contest* and the winner will be announced on Tuesday, October 18 as part of the Awards Presentations.

*The Student Poster Contest is open to current students and students who submitted abstracts prior to graduation and are now new professionals (graduated within 6 months of conference). 

  • Panel Discussion: A panel discussion (75-minute program session) includes a moderator and/or discussant and up to three panelists/presentations (maximum four presenters). Due to time constraints, only a limited number of panel discussions will be accepted. Submit an overview abstract describing the overall purpose/theme of the panel and a minimum of three separate abstracts, one for each panelist. NOTE: Panel submissions will only be considered if an overview abstract AND separate abstracts for each presentation are submitted.


Abstracts will be peer reviewed and accepted on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Overall Merit – Abstract clearly describes the background, significance and innovation of the
    work, and the relevance to emerging public health research/practice in Oregon

  • Programmatic/Policy Significance – Implications of the work for policies, programs, and practice to improve the public’s health in Oregon and beyond

  • Objective Content – content is objective, free from bias and promotion, no use of commercial
    entities, products, services, logos, or brand names

  • Suitability of Requested Format – will the presentation be best suited to a panel, oral, or poster presentation format


  • Application

All sections of the Abstract Submission Form must be fully completed for consideration. You will not be able to save and return to the form, so please save your submission text and contact information elsewhere in case you cannot complete the submission in one sitting or there are technical issues.

Please be prepared to provide the following information:
  1. Preferred Presentation Format (see options above)

  2. Topic/Target Audience: OPHA's annual conference targets all public health professionals. Please list any specific public health audiences (e.g., policy makers, program developers and evaluators, researchers), the presenters aim to reach.

  3. Title

  4. Author(s)

  5. Presenter(s)

  6. Brief Abstract (<200 words): Provide a description of your presentation proposal and include the following: 1) A statement of the problem and/or context; 2) The study aim or research questions; 3) Approach to solving the problem/answering the study questions; 4) A summary of  conclusions; 5) Implications for the  work for public health. Structured abstracts containing background, purpose, methods, results/outcomes, and conclusions/implications are preferred where relevant.

  7. Learning Objective(s): Provide at least one measurable and concrete learning objective and start each sentence with one of these verbs: Define, List, Describe, Discuss, Explain, Identify, Demonstrate, Differentiate, Compare, Design, Formulate, Evaluate, Assess, Name, Analyze. Learning objectives must be written from the learner's perspective. What will the learner be able to do after hearing your presentation?   *NOTE: Do not start learning objective(s) with a number, bullet, asterisk or any other special characters.

  8. Contact Information for ALL Presenters/Panelists & Panel Moderator:  Please provide contact information for all presenters.  If you have more than one presenter, please designate a Primary Contact for your abstract submission. This person will be responsible for all communications regarding your abstract. 

  • Abstract Deadline: Complete abstract submissions are due June 17, 2022 at 11:59pm. No abstracts will be accepted after this date. Presenters will be notified in August.

  • Program Schedule: All presenters must be available to present at any time during the two days of the conference.

  • AV Needs: Presenters will be responsible for their own presentation slides and handouts. The standard audiovisual equipment provided in all sessions includes: a projector, computer, and screen. Microphones will be made available in all large session rooms. The AV guidelines for the LaSells Steward Center can be found HERE.

Resources for writing abstracts:

***Please note that you do not need to be a member of OPHA to present at the conference. However, all presenters must register, including paying registration fees. No exceptions will be made. REGISTER HERE

Questions? For more information, contact OPHA Program Committee Chair, Marie Harvey.