Policy Endorsement Process

We Create a Forum 

OPHA creates a forum where all groups involved in public health advocacy meet to share information, discuss legislative agendas, and collaborate effectively to promote needed public health legislation.

Endorsement Process

The OPHA Policy Committee has created a process for OPHA endorsement of public health legislation. This endorsement process enables OPHA to make informed decisions on how to best involve our members in advocating for public health in Oregon.

Endorsement requests are welcome on any local or statewide initiative or legislation that impacts public health in Oregon. Endorsement applications are reviewed as they are received at an OPHA Policy Committee meeting. Additionally, prior to each Oregon State Legislative Session, the OPHA Policy Committee contacts our public health partner organizations, inviting them to submit legislative concepts or proposed policies for OPHA endorsement. Interested parties are asked to submit a written proposal for evaluation by the Committee. Submitting groups may be asked  to speak to the Committee and/or the OPHA Board of Directors.

An OPHA Endorsement May Include:

  • Official OPHA endorsement, the use of our name and/or logo
  • An opportunity to educate our members about the proposed policy and to solicit committed volunteer advocates
  • Action alerts answered by our members to contact their representatives or policy makers and advocate for your issue
  • Inclusion in a list of OPHA endorsed concepts on the OPHA website, as well as opportunities to publish announcements, articles or solicitations for volunteers/advocates
  • Advocacy for endorsed policies through OPHA members’ meetings with legislators during our annual Capitol Visit Day
  • Possible testimony, op-eds and letters by knowledgeable OPHA members

Process & Application Forms

To submit a request for policy endorsements or legislative support, please use the following forms:

Current OPHA Endorsements

View our Legislative Update page and stay informed about OPHA endorsements, state legislative activity, and national advocacy efforts.