Health Policy & Advocacy Committee

Committee Chair: Julie Reeder

OPHA is the principal voice in promoting the leadership capacity of Oregon's public health community and the impact that their collective prevention and promotion activities have on Oregonians' health. OPHA empowers our members to work with a broad array of partners to educate decision-makers on public health issues. The Policy Committee takes the lead in OPHA's efforts to advocate for the health of every Oregonian. The Policy Committee seeks to define policy related to relevant and emerging public health issues, tracks public health related legislation, and on approval of the Board of Directors, provides endorsement, testimony, and grassroots support on key initiatives.

Committee Function:

  • Utilize an issues screening tool that assists committee members in determining OPHA participation in legislative/policy issues.
  • Utilize an e-mail process that allows committee members to interactively participate in the development of OPHA political positions.
  • Provide the OPHA board of directors with prompt e-mail information regarding legislative positions relative to the focus of the committee.
  • Activate OPHA member participation around a position/policy.

Get Involved!

To learn more about how to get involved in OPHA Policy & Advocacy, please contact:

*Visit the OPHA Events Calendar for upcoming committee meeting information.