OPHA Public Health Advocacy Day

Join us January 31, 2019!

Join members of the Oregon Public Health Association January 31, 2019 for Public Health Advocacy Day in Salem! Formerly known as Capitol Visit Day, this is an opportunity to learn and advocate for public health related bills that the legislature is working on this session. Meet with your Senator and Representative to discuss and frame important public health issues.


When: Thursday, January 31st from 9:00 am - 1:30 pm, check in and networking open at 8:00 am
Where: St. Mark’s Church, 790 Marion St NE, Salem, OR; Legislative appointments will take place in individual Senate and House offices in the Capitol.
Registration: REGISTER HERE - Registration is required so that we can schedule appointments with your Oregon Senator and Representative and meet space requirements.  Space is limited for this event, so register today! This is a free event. 

If you are employed by a government agency you are allowed to participate in OPHA Public Health Advocacy Day as a private citizen, however you may need to use personal time. Check with your supervisor as needed.  

Legislative Appointments: The availability of representatives and senators is subject to change during the session, therefore appointments are not guaranteed. We will do our best to schedule appointments for those who have registered before January 25, 2018

Interested in carpooling to Public Health Advocacy Day (PHAD) in Salem January 31, 2019?
If you are interested in connecting with others to carpool to Salem for PHAD on Thursday, January 31, 2019, one option is to sign up with an account on Drive Less Connect (http://www.drivelessconnect.com/).
After setting up an account (free) you can enter the trip you want for the carpool (example: Thursday, January 31, 2019, leaving Portland 7:45 a.m., arriving Salem/event venue 9:00 a.m., returning that afternoon at 3 p.m. from the event venue site) and the site will notify you of others offering that carpool. Alternatively you can offer a carpool and have people sign up to ride with you.

Click here to download the Public Health Advocacy Day Flyer

Click here to download the DRAFT Public Health Advocacy Day Agenda

 How can you prepare for the day?

  • OPHA is hosting informational calls before Public Health Advocacy Day to prepare for this event. Click here to learn more. 
  • We will arrange a meeting for you with your elected representative and senator based on the address you use to register. Look them up and learn more about them in advance. What are their priorities? 
  • Legislative meetings will include all registrants from that district, so you may go with a large or small group or you may be the only constituent. 
  • All groups, regardless of size, will have a group leader. The group leader will have experience meeting with elected officials and will help the group prepare for the meeting.
  • Remember, you elected this person (i.e., you are a constituent), so your opinion matters.

OPHA Public Health Advocacy Call-In Day

Want to join the Oregon Public Health Association's annual Advocacy Day on Jan. 31st, but can't make it to Salem? OPHA is encouraging all of our members to take action on the 31st by visiting or calling our representatives. It's important that legislators know public health policy is important to constituents across the state and phone calls do make an impact. 


What: OPHA call-in Day of Action in conjunction with OPHA's Public Health Advocacy Day in Salem

When: Thursday, January 31st between 9 am and 5 pm

Where: Anywhere in Oregon (or wherever you happen to be on the 31st)

Registration: Commit to Taking Action - Registration is not required, but is encouraged to help OPHA better support members. This is a free event. 


1)  Make sure you know who your representative is

2)  Make sure you know what bills OPHA has endorsed

3) Think about what these bills mean to you as a public health professional and Oregonian and how you want to share that with your representative. You can find tips here.

Questions? Please contact 2019 Policy Committee Chair, Beth Crane | [email protected] 
or Policy Committee Member, Samantha Schafer | [email protected]  

Advocacy Tips & Tools - Get informed and take action now!

Learn about how to advocate effectively on our OPHA Advocacy Resources page

View our Legislative Update page to stay informed about OPHA endorsements and legislative activity. 

Click here to learn more about our endorsement process and how to request legislative support.  

Get involved!

If you would like to become more involved in OPHA advocacy events or the OPHA Policy Committee, please contact:

Click here to learn more about our policy committee and advocacy through OPHA.