OPHA 2018 Annual Conference & Meeting

Poster Session
October 8, 2018


Active workplace study: A total worker health intervention for sedentary workers
Authors:Sara Wild, Courtney Donovan, Sydney Reynolds, Brad Wipfli

Addressing food insecurity at Samaritan Health Services Oncology Clinic                    
Authors: Athena Nofziger, Abigail Galbraith, Miao Zhao, Brianna Smith, Jacob Smith

Applying the Project Management Institute's Framework to research studies and health care projects                                    
Authors: Christina Sheppler, Dea Papajorgji-Taylor, Sara Gille, Shelley Reetz

Best practices for college student engagement in experiential learning with community partners using the Oregon State University Extension model                                   
Authors: Tonya Johnson, Karen Elliott, Veronica Irvin, Tina Dodge Vera

Community powered change: Building a shared health equity narrative                                   
Author: Marilou Carrera

Creating mental health awareness and avoiding crisis: A Mental Health First Aid Approach                                                                  
Authors: National Council for Behavioral Health MHFA program & Oregon MHFA Project

Differences in aerial spraying policy throughout the Pacific Region                                                           
Author: Jeffrey Carman

Elevated chronic disease prevalence in Jefferson County                                                                     
Authors: Nansalmaa Conway, Michael K. Baker

Enhancing death data for multi-site studies with a bundled application to NDI                               
Authors: Morgan J. Fuoco, Phillip Crawford, Dea Papajorgji-Taylor, Reesa Laws, Kris Hansen, Lisa B Weatherby, Mary Ann McBurnie

Importance of youth in public health prevention                                                                                    
Authors: Heather Stuart, Olivia Cooper, Mitchel Bennet, Nicholas Widmer, Kris Williams

Lesson learned in adapting and adopting a social determinant of health-centric Electronic Health Record                                       
Authors: Kate LaForge, Nic Bookman, Katherine Bradley, Peggy Wros

Longitudinal change in response time mean and variability exhibit predictive dissociations for cognitive status
Authors: Robert S. Stawski, Stuart W.S. MacDonald

OpenNotes: A key to patient engagement                                                               
Authors: Tom Delbanco, Jan Walker

Population specific service network: Resource mapping                                             
Authors: Heather Voss, Christine Steendahl, Christopher Cobb, Kate Goodling, Lindsay Decker, Lauren Jones, Connie Koenig

Program evolution and lessons learned from "That's My Farmer" Cancer Nutrition and Wellness Program in Benton, Lincoln, and Linn Counties 2014-2018                                                          
Authors: Abigail Galbraith, Athena Nofziger, Nova Elwood, Jessica Davis, Miao Zhao, Stephanie Hagerty, Liz Newman, Jacob Smith, Briana Smith

Reaching adolescents where they are looking: A text-based mental well-being intervention                                                               
Authors: Lindsey Poquette, Bonnie Hemrick, Tim Glascock

Return on investment of high school athletic trainers: Analysis on medical claims               
Authors: Tao Li, Samuel Johnson, Michael Koester, Annie Hommel , Marc Norcross

Serving others as an antidote to self-harm:  Preventing US military veteran suicide in rural Oregon                                                  
Authors: Jaya Conser Lapham, Kyle Hatch

STD's in the digital age: A review and discussion on internet partner services                       
Author: Nandini Deo

Steps toward addressing the sexual health needs of female cancer survivors                        
Authors: Jessica R Gorman, Julia H Drizin, Victoria VandeLinde

The SHEIDD Project: Building community capacity to support the sexual health of youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities                                                                               
Authors: Lindsay Sauve, April Kayser, Nadia Lockheart, Kiersi Coleman, Aleena West

The WAVE Experience: Engaging high school soccer players in life-skills team building competitions                                              
Authors: Tonya Johnson, Siew Sun Wong, Melinda Manor

Understanding diabetes management among Hispanics and their providers at Kaiser Permanente Northwest: Qualitative findings 
Authors: Dea Papajorgji-Taylor, Jennifer Schneider, Inga Gruss, Nangel Lindberg

Understanding K-6 teachers' interests in professional development on nutrition and physical activity instruction                             
Authors: Allison Harris, Jessica Linnell

Youth driving place-based change: Increasing healthy options and decreasing hunger at school                                                       
Authors: Jamie Zentner, Deborah H. John



Assessment of disaster preparedness among households in Corvallis, Oregon
Authors: Tiantian Pang, Kendra Henderson, Jeffrey Bethel

Bridges Collaborative Care Clinic: Creating clinical programming for a new, multidisciplinary student clinic in Portland
Authors: Isla McKerrow, Sarah Hanna

Core features of successful behavioral health home integration
Author: Gretchen Horton-Dunbar

Descriptive epidemiology of prostate cancer in the United States
Author: Gulaiim Almatkyzy

Developing a Pacific Islander-specific community health worker training program
Author: Jacqueline Leung

Exposure, Location, and Lung Function (ELF) study: Using an innovative method to evaluate chemical exposure and health effects with location data
Authors: Richard Evoy, Diana Rohlman, Holly Dixon, Andy Larkin, Mike Barton, Katrina Waters, Aaron Phillips, Kim A. Anderson, Laurel Kincl

Family support on nutrition and healthy diet among adolescent Latino high school soccer players
Authors: Evelyn Flores, Megan Patton-Lopez, Melinda M. Manore, Siew Sun Wong

Fat Talk Free: A behavioral health intervention aimed at fat talk disruption
Author: Nina Taylor

First sexual intercourse prior to age fifteen as a risk factor for seriously considering suicide in United States high school students: An analysis of the 2015 Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System Survey Data                                                                                       
Authors: Kelly M. K. Johnson, Viktor Bovbjerg, Ellen Smit

Foodborne outbreak response: An Oregon CoE perspective                                                      
Authors: Kevin Jian, Hillary Booth

Hospice for the unhoused
Authors: Corinne Cooper, Jason Miller, Alexa Morrill, Tessa Thompson

Likelihood of influenza vaccination varies by age categories in adults with high-risk medical conditions for influenza-related complications, 2016
Author: John Paul Bigouette

Mobile mammography vs. permanent clinic -- Insights from underserved women in Linn County
Authors: Alma Torres, Veronica L. Irvin, Miao Zhao, Alejandra Sánchez, Maritza León Gutiérrez

Optimizing accessibility for YMCA Columbia-Willamette fitness facilities
Authors: West Livaudais, Maria Pfeifer, Kory Aschoff

Post-9/11 veterans and their care partners managing TBI and reintegration
Authors: Ryan Elizabeth Bender, Sarah S. Ono, Raymond Facundo, John Marmion, J. Gala True

Post-operative opioid use: results from patient surveys
Authors: Ryan Willen, Olivia Pipitone, Heidi Smith, Ashley Rivera, Kelsea Peterman, Toshi Nagamoto, Paulina Kaiser

Pre-pregnancy and prenatal oral health care and pregnancy adverse outcomes among Oregonian women (Oregon PRAMS 2012-2015): a hypothesis-generating study
Authors: Eiman E AlEissa, John Geldhof, Marit Bovbjerg, Ellen Smit

Project Mercury (Hg)
Authors: Kevin Jian, Hillary Booth

Public perception of cancer genetic screening & research in Oregon
Authors: Teal W. Alvord, Lisa K. Marriott, Kim Brown, Jill Vandehey, Jen Volpi, Wesley Stoller, Laura Ferrara, Steven Blakesley, Erin Solomon, Hannah Kuehl, Madisen Cotter, Katie A. Johnson-Camacho, Leigh Coppola, Amy Palma, Paul Spellman, Jackilen Shannon

Soil sampling in three school gardens in Albany, OR
Authors: Stephanie Fitch, Meredith Cocks, Kwadwo Boakaye, and Sarah Rothenberg

The impact of daily stress processes on mental health: Examining between-person and within-person associations among older adults
Authors: Eric S. Cerino, Dakota D. Witzel, and Robert S. Stawski

The impact of the Affordable Care Act on health service utilization among low-income Hispanic patients attending a safety-net clinic in Linn County, OR
Authors: Oralia Mendez, Valeria Herrera, Veronica Irvin, Tao Li, Miao Zhao

The Pima County Stock Inhaler for Schools Program: Using policy to improve child health
Authors: Ashley A. Lowe, Krista Romero-Cardenas, Aimee Snyder, Conrad Clemens, Joe K. Gerald, Lynn B. Gerald

Understanding the meaning and context of HIV-related stigma in rural Botswana
Authors: Laura Arntson, Sunil Khanna