2013 OPHA Annual Conference Presentations


Keynote Presentations:

Reconnecting Health Care to Public and Environmental Health
Ted Schettler MD, MPH

Discussion of Various Definitions of Population Health Agriculture Leaders and the Implications they have for Public Health and CCO/ACO Relationships
Lillian Shirley, BSN, MPH, MPA

Concurrent Sessions - Presentations & Panels:
*Listed alphabetically by title

A Collaborative Journey along the Road to a Culture of Quality: A Regional Effort
Kristin Tehrani, Jennifer Lund, Marisa McLaughlin, Cally Kamiya, Philip Mason

A Qualitative study exploring the perceptions and choices of pre-registration nursing students regarding influenza vaccination
Kristen Wils, MSC

Addressing Health Inequities: A Racial Justice Approach Using an Equity and Empowerment Lens
Ben Duncan

Aging workers at increased risk of fatal transportation-related injuries
Jaime K. Walters, MPH, Ryan Olson, PhD, Justin Karr, Erika Zoller, MPH, Daniel Cain, Jae P. Douglas, PhD, Jamie L. Jones, MPH

Alzheimer’s and Public Health
Jon Bartholomew, Charlie Fautin

Availability of Healthy Snacks in Stores Near Low-Income Urban, High-Income Urban, and Rural Elementary/Middle Schools 
Nancy Findholt, PhD, RN, Hayley Pickus, BA

Beginning a Dialogue: Healthy Eating, Active Living in Rural Yamhill County
Meghan Haggard, MPH, CPH

Caregivers' Sense of Social Isolation and Life Disruption: A Qualitative Study
Elizabeth Gordan, Dr. Carolyn Mendez-Luck

Chronically Absent Students: An Opportunity to Expand Public Health Partnerships with Educators
Dr. Tia Henderson, Dr. Andrew Dyke

Coalition Building and Advocacy
Kylie Menagh-Johnson, MPH with Hallie Clark, Sarah Finger McDonald, PhD, Elise Gautier, JD, Jennifer Lynch, MBA, and Penny Okamoto

Crook County on the Move!
Muriel DeLaVergne-Brown, RN, MPH, Carly Rachocki, MPH, Kris Williams

Crowdfunding and Community Health Projects: A Quick Intro for Public Health Professionals
Hope Leman, MLIS

Designing an Environmental Health Exercise
Sara Fillion, Carolyn Stegall

Effectively engaging teen populations in refining and improving sexual health services
Kelly Locey, MPH, CPS, Alicia Griggs, Andy Chuinard, Patrick Abi Nader

Employment as a Social Determinant of Health
Jeff Krolick

Health Equity through Workforce Development
Jennifer Moore

Health Impact Assessment: A Tool to Identify and Address Health Inequities
Dr. Tia Henderson

Healthy Columbia Willamette: Assessing Community Needs, Improving Health
Rachel Burdon, Priscilla Lewis, Sunny Lee, Paul Lewis

Hepatitis B Screening and Linkage to Care
Jaime Walters, MPH, Kamar Haji-Mohamed, MPH

High risk drinking prevention in Benton County-How to effectively mobilize, build capacity, and engage communities
Kelly Locey, MPH, CPS, Alicia Griggs, Julee Christianson

Huge Demand for Diminishing Returns: Featuring data from the BRFSS Survey of State & School Employees
Stacey Schubert, MPH

Improving Maternity Care for Low Income Women with Diabetes: A Multidisciplinary Approach
Lisa Chickadonz, DNP, RN, CNM, Maria Leiva, MD

Increasing recruitment & retention rates among indigenous farmworker participants in a CBPR project
Rebecca Allen and Valentín Sanchez

Inequities in the Managed Care Medicaid Dental Delivery System in Oregon
Eli Schwarz, DDS, MPH, PhD, Alynn Vienot RDH, MPH

Legislative Opinions on Public Health Issues
Craig Mosbaek, MPH

Let’s Talk About P-Y-D: How Positive Youth Development May Influence Sexual Health Outcomes in Latino Youth
LaShanda N. Eller, MPH, Lindsay Weaver, MPH, Jessica E. A. Duke, MPH

Living Well and the Self-Management Hub
Laura Chisholm, MPH, MCHES and Danna Drum, MDiv

Nutrition Standards: A Tool to Improve Food Environments
Nancy Becker, MS, RD, LD, Rebecca Pawlak, MPH, Amber Hansen, MS, RD, Kim La Croix, MPH, RD

Oregon Public Health Nurse Home Visiting - Babies First!, CaCoon, Maternity Case Management: Evidence About Health Outcomes 
Mary Ann Evans, Francine Goodrich, Marilyn Sue Hartzell, Lari Peterson, and Anna Stiefvater

Out-of-Hospital Births in Oregon
Sarah Hargand, MPH, Anna Stiefvater, RN, MPH

Political, psychological and sociological aspects of Oregon's fluoridation battles
Charles C. Haynie, M.D. FACS

Portland and Fluoridation 2013: Hindsight is 20-20
Kurt Ferré, DDS

Protecting Public Health in Oregon via Fish Consumption Advisories
David Farrer

PTSD & Motor Vehicle Crash Hospitalizations among recent Veterans enrolled in VA Healthcare 
Aisling G. Fernandez, BS, MPH Candidate, Kathleen F. Carlson, MS, PhD, Dawn Peters, PhD, William E. Lambert, PhD, Maya E. O’Neil, MS, PhD

Smokefree Cars for Kids: Clearing the Air for Healthier Kids
State Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, Christel Allen, Colleen Hermann-Franzen

The Health of Oregonians: What’s Hot, What’s Not
Katrina Hedberg, MD, MPH

Vaccine Beliefs of Complementary and Alternative Medical Providers in Oregon—Preliminary Findings
Sandra J. Bean, MPH, Joseph Catania, PhD

Adrienne Paige Mullock

What Stimulates Change? Translating Theory Into Practice
Alissa Leavitt, MPH, CHES, Sara Gardner-Smith, CHES, Dana Sturtavant, MS, RD

Will an incentive work? Mental health care access in low-income pregnant women at risk for perinatal depressive symptoms
Rebecca M. Sacks, B.A., Jessica Greene Ph.D.