2011 OPHA Annual Conference Presentations


Keynote Presentations:

Health Care Reform: Opportunities & Challenges for Public Health 
Mike Bonetto, PHD, MPH, Health Policy Advisor to Governor John Kitzhaber 

Household Environmental Health Risks to Rural Children - Risks and Perceptions of Risk
Patricia Butterfield, PhD, RN, FAAN, Dean & Professor of the College of Nursing, Washington State University

Concurrent Sessions - Presentations & Panels:
*Listed alphabetically by title

Amor y Salud: A Preconception Health Social Marketing Campaign for Latinas in Oregon
Lesa Dixon-Gray and Allison Mobley

Autism Treatment Network: Progress Toward Comprehensive Medical Care for Children and Adolescents with Autism
Lisa Voltolina

Birth and Beyond: A New Model of Maternity Care in Linn and Benton Counties
Suan Heinz, Melissa Cheyney, Marit L. Bovbjerg, Jenney Lee, Christine Olsen and Shelley Dubkin-Lee

Community engAGEment for Age-Friendly Environments
Deborah H. John

Community Engagement Initiative: A Process for Improved Community Accessibility & Health
Danielle Bailey

Development of a Prioritization Tool to Translate Maternal, Infant and Child Health (MICH) Data into Strategic Directions: A Practice-Based Approach and Case Study, Multnomah County, Oregon, 2011
James Gaudino, Sarah-Truclinh Tran, Sandy Johnson, Mindy Stadtlander, and Jessica Guernsey

Don't Let Rabies Get Your Goat!
Sharon Johnson and Jackson Baures

Extreme Heat In Oregon
Dan Rubado

'First Tooth': An Online Resource and Training Center for Early Childhood Caries Prevention
Amy Umphlett

Fluoridation: Nature Thought of it First
Kurt Ferre

Healthy Retail Initiative: Good for Business, Good for Health
Suzanne Briggs, Ben Escalante & Yugen Rashad

Hitting the Streets: Bike Commuting Injuries in Portland, Oregon
William Lambert, Melissa R. Hoffman, Ellen G. Peck and John C. Mayberry

Impact of a Social and Character Development Program: Findings from the Chicago RCT of Positive Action
B. Flay, A. Acock, S. Vuchinich, K. Lewis, N. Bavarian, M. Schure, P. Malloy A. Reed, F. Snyder, K. Li, D. DuBois, N. Silverthorne, J. Day, M. Fagen and N. Portillo

Increasing the Use of Human Donor Milk: A Public Health Imperative
Dixie Whetsell

Oregon EPHT Community Design Indicators
Dan Rubado

Public Health Accreditation: What's New in Oregon?
Jennifer Eskridge and Lydia Eskridge

Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Adults Reading to Two Year Old Children: A Population-based Study
Olivia Sappenfield and Kenneth D. Rosenberg

Social Networking: The Real Deal!
Cessa Karson-Whitehorn and Loralee Trocio

Supporting Healthy Living for People with Chronic Disease: A Health Neighborhood Perspective
Laura Chisholm Saddler and Kelly Volkmann

Wellness@Work: How Oregon State Agencies and Universities Walk the Talk
Dawn Robbins

Young Adults with Disabilities Have Sex, Too! Developing Preconception Health Recommendations
Julie McFarlane, Marjorie McGee, Stacy Milbern, Jennifer Cole and Lesa Dixon-Gray