Nominations Committee

Committee Chair: Craig Mosbaek

Please consider supporting the Oregon Public Health Association by stepping up, or encouraging your OPHA colleagues to step up, to a leadership position!

Every summer OPHA solicits candidates for various board and committee positions. These nominees are voted on by the general membership at the OPHA Annual Business Meeting, held in conjunction with the OPHA Annual Conference in the autumn of the year. Sample positions include:

  • President Elect - Nominees should be actively involved with OPHA at the Board level. This is a 3-year term—President Elect, President, then Immediate Past-President.

  • Region Director - Oregon is represented by 5 geographic regions at OPHA. Each year some of these directorships come open. Representatives serve a 3-year term.

  • Director at large - 9 Directors at OPHA serve the entire state and are called Directors at Large. These representatives serve a 3-year term.

  • Nominations Committee - 3 members at large each to serve a 1 year term.

*All nominees must be “in good standing” (current members) of OPHA.

Additional information about each position and their duties and responsibilities can be found in the OPHA by-laws. Please contact the OPHA Nominations Committee Chair, Craig Mosbaek for further information about the nomination process.