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Innovative Workforce Solutions - Lessons learned from Public Health AmeriCorps on Recruiting, Nurturing, and Training the Next Generation of Public Health Leaders
Thursday, April 04, 2024, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM PDT
Category: Public Health Week

Learn about best practices in recruiting, training, and nurturing early career public health professionals from Public Health AmeriCorps (PHA), an innovative partnership between AmeriCorps and the CDC to grow the next generation of diverse public health leaders.

Hear from PHA leaders and early career professionals themselves about lessons learned from the field and best practices to support the development of early career public health workers.

Public Health is facing a workforce crisis. The field needs 80,000 more public health workers to meet our country’s needs, and young professionals are leaving the field in record numbers.

By focusing on member development and looking beyond the traditional profile of a public health professional, Public Health AmeriCorps has been working to reverse these trends. In less than two years of active programming, PHA has recruited over 3,500 members to join the field and provided training and career support to help members find their best path towards a career in public health after service. This session will highlight ways that local health departments and other public health organizations can leverage the lessons learned from Public Health AmeriCorps to grow local talent, build pathways for community members to join the field of public health and become critical trusted messengers for their community.