2016 OPHA Annual Conference Presentations


Keynote Presentations: 

Under the Weather?  The Health Consequences of a Changing Climate

Presenter/Author: George Luber, PhD 

Sandwiches or Space Shuttles:  Public health and CCOs working together for better health in our communities

Presenter/Author: Helen K. Bellanca, PhD

Concurrent Sessions - Presentations & Panels:
*Listed alphabetically by title

A new climate resilience plan for Oregon's public health system

Presenter/Authors: Emily York

Considering the health impacts of tax reform in Oregon

Presenter/Authors: Craig Mosbaek, Frank Chaloupka, Ichiro Kawachi, Katherine Newman, David Rehkopf, Jessica Allia Williams, Rourke O'Brien

Dental health aide therapists: Increasing access and improving oral health outcomes in native communities

Presenter/Authors: Pam Johnson, Sarah Rogers, Kelle Little

Improving vaccine uptake in a vaccine-resistant cluster in Oregon

Presenter/Authors: Shawn Foley, Sandra J. Bean 

Marion county health department 2011-2015 STI assessment

Presenter/Authors: Katarina Ost, Rachel Posnick 

Preventing opioid overdose in Oregon

Presenter/Authors: Katrina Hedberg, Matt Laidler, Josh Van Otterloo, Lisa Shields, Lisa Millet

Raising the wage: The public health impact of Oregon's 2016 minimum wage law & A better Oregon: The public health impact of investing in education, health care and senior services

Presenter/Authors: Daniel S. Morris

Safe at school program: Assuring access and advocacy for children with type-1 diabetes

Presenter/Authors: Nancy A. Breen

The barriers to State-based universal care

Presenter/Authors: Peter Mahr

The effects of prenatal marijuana use on child development: What do we know and how do we know it?

Presenter/Authors: Kenneth D. Rosenberg

Umatilla county Plan4Health Initiative: Planning for health in rural Oregon

Presenter/Authors: Taylor K. Smith 

Use of an online tool for public health reporting and outbreak investigation

Presenter/Authors: Healther Kaisner, Channa Lindsay, Jennifer Faith