OPHA 2018 Presentation Slides

*Listed alphabetically

Addressing educational equity for Latino youth in Oregon

After the banners & balloons are taken down

Antecedents & social segmentation of oral-SIT beliefs following exposure to HIV oral self-testing

Applying the Patient Demographic Data Quality (PDDQ) Framework to reduce duplicate patient records: Findings from a pilot study

Assessing inequities using the BARHII Tool, a rural perspective of Polk County

Coordinated cross-sector approach to sustaining evidence based health education programming

Data and capacity needs for addressing rural health disparities

Defining the role of the health system in promoting kindergarten readiness: Driving the development of an Oregon Early Learning Strategic Plan with parent voice

Effectiveness of an Ophthalmologist Led Community Based Screening

Engaging communities to enact change: Evaluation of interdisciplinary efforts to reduce opioid abuse in rural Oregon

Evaluation of a volunteer doula program: Analysis of maternal characteristics, conditions, and birth outcomes

Gender identity and expression and adolescent health in Oregon

Health Care Advocacy Toolkit for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Housing as a social determinant of health: stories from the front line

"If you're on suboxone, you're not in recovery": Medication assisted treatment successes and stigma

Integrating traditional health workers in primary care setting

Interpreting medication labels: Launching an inter-professional, grassroots advocacy campaign for health equity

Investigating Avoidable Blindness in Oregon

Mitigating cognitive decline and the trauma of gentrification among older African Americans

Opportunities for building social resilience through public health practice

Planning for climate change: New tools and success stories

Rabid cat of Lane County

Re-framing health- How can assessment frameworks better serve the needs of tribal governments?

Safe gun storage: A survey of preferences among parents and caregivers of children

Sexual health behaviors among high school students with disabilities

State public health strategies for adolescent mental and reproductive health promotion 

Survey of county attorneys on an Oregon Public Health Law Center

The changing landscape of governmental public health in Oregon                     

The impact of stigma on diffusion, uptake, and performance of HIV prevention practices

Universal health care and its impact on racism as a public health threat    

Upstream prevention & the social determinants of health: The future of Oregon's quadruple aim

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